finding the blue book

it took four books for me to talk about how i died one night next to the thames.
it took four books to figure out that god really is enough for me, and that god
is the best of guides. now, the next question. what to do with more than enough.

my answer, find a way to love the people your life unfolds with and give them a
token of the trust you have been shown. our original trust, literally. the life
you have been entrusted with, which you can call your own for this tiny slice of

every chapter has a guardian. while i have found this version of the blue book,
each guardian cares for the token which controls the code used to display where
that chapter is in these infinite shelves. as such, they can change the code to
point somewhere else. they can sell the token to another. they can do nothing.
the array of choices guardians have is as endless as their own innate creative
potential. the critical point is that each act any guardian takes is itself an
artistic statement, and that is my intention with this project.

i mean to create sacred economic space. technologies like ethereum tie financial
value to speech acts. this means we can create ceremonial transactions where every
economic agent is also an artist by virtue of how they choose to express the value
of their gifts.

welcome to the fifth, final, and infinite part of the blue book trilogy. as with
every part before it, it builds on the work of countless others and would not be
possible without each one of them, nor would it be meaningful without you, and
who you are before my words. this is for you. this is for you. this is for you.























































first of all, you need to know about the library of babel. made with the letters
of the latin alphabet, along with a space, a period and a comma, it contains all
possible pages of writing. the names of every type of protea on table mountain,
the number of butterflies that have flown out to sea on their one way migration
over mozambique every year, the amount of ash that the ganges has carried, along
with the names of every person that ash once was. in it can be found the secret
chord that pleased the lord and the most lewd french song ever sung. somewhere
in the endless shelves you will find the histories of every world as well as the
science fiction short story that would have saved them from their multiple fates

the point is, everything ever written on a page of 3200 characters is already in
the library of babel. this entire book was already in the library. all i had to
do to find it was write it. so who, then, is the real author. whence authority.